$1.25 / 250 words

Down Payment: ~50% of project
The down payment is due before editing begins to reserve a two-week spot. The final invoice will be attached along with the final manuscript. The term of payment is Due on Receipt unless otherwise noted on the invoice.
Preferred Method of Payment: PayPal

Need the edits sooner?
I can do a rush job for an extra 20% fee.
How will I charge this fee?
Manuscripts of more than 35k that need edits before 2 weeks.
Manuscripts of less than 35k that need it before 1 week.

Late Payment Fee: $25
Another invoice with the late payment fee will be emailed to the author if payment is not received within 48 hours of due date stated on the invoice. This includes weekends as I work seven days a week on these projects so that each and every author can meet their deadline. If payment arrangements are necessary, please let me know during the editing process or before it starts so that I can accommodate your needs. It is important to communicate with me so that no misunderstandings arise and penalties are avoided.

As this is still a business, failure to send payment by the new due date will halt any and all projects in the future. If projects have been previously reserved for the future, refunds will be issued via PayPal, minus the late payment fee and any and all outstanding charges.

(discounts will automatically be added to your project if one is available)

How it works: Discount is applied if the reservation is made during one of the sale dates.
i.e. If you reserve a two-week spot on January 3rd and the sale is valid January 1-10.
Discounts other than the first-time client or referral discount will be void if the reservation needs to be rescheduled.

First-time client discount - 10% off your first manuscript
Referral discount  - 15% off on your next manuscript if a new author hires me and mentions your name.
Other discounts - Sometimes I offer discounts for certain holidays.

**Discounts cannot be combined. I will always apply the higher discount on your manuscript.**

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