"I had a recent novel professionally copy-edited and looked over by several beta readers, and then I gave the book to Arianne. She found so many additional typos, from omitted words to repeated words, that I was at once horrified by the quantity of errors I'd made and amazed that Arianne had caught what so many others had missed! Arianne is my new last line of defense against typos."
--Cassi Carver, author of The Shadow Slayers series

"Arianne's professionalism and quickness to turnaround my work was far beyond what I expected. Her skills not only helped make my essay error-free, but her advice helped me answer my essay question the RIGHT way."
--Thao Nguyen

"Arianne [is] an awesome editor. I've used her services three times now. One for a book that was already published that STILL needed more editing; a new book I published in February; and a WIP that I wanted to send to my manager. She's great!"
--Pamela DuMond, author of the Mortal Beloved series and the Annie Graceland Mystery series

"Arianne is my new favorite person. She saved my project!

I had an editor flake on me ten days prior to a deadline and Arianne stepped in with an unbelievably quick turnaround, an incredible eye for detail, and an amicable editorial voice.

My stress level began to drop immediately. I recommend her to anyone who needs editing.”
--Sean T Sullivan, author of the Lucky series

Arianne is, in a word, awesome. I had three books to edit and a person who had volunteered to “edit” my project. My volunteer was exceedingly hard to work with and amazingly slow. My literary business partner turned [me] on to Arianne. She was fast, thorough, and included thoughtful comments.

She was NOT creatively stepping on my toes but she WAS clearly reading my books not just for errors but for some kind of logical sense.

I have worked creatively with hundreds of people and Arianne possesses the qualities that I look for when seeking a collaborative and skilled eye. She will ALWAYS be my first choice! 
--Andrew Sutherland, author of The Girl That Care Forgot series

Arianne did a terrific job proofreading and line editing my novella. I needed a fast turnaround to make my deadline. She was super professional and accommodating. I loved her spot on comments. I highly recommend her and will use her again!
--Lana Mott, author of Ryan's Chance

Arianne is the BEST! She went through a novel that had already been vetted by a different editor and found a ton of additional errors. I am still thanking my lucky stars I decided to use her services. Did I mention she was also prompt with email responses, fast with my edit, and super kind? I will not be releasing another story without running it by her first.
--Alison Aimes, author of Trapped, Book One in the Condemned Series

Arianne is a miracle-maker for my writing. She works closely with me to ensure my manuscripts are clear, concise and flowing. She takes great care in ensuring to preserve my voice when there are portions in need of adjusting and always offers helpful insight and suggestions. She constantly goes above and beyond my expectations to make sure all my manuscripts’ needs are met. I will never write without her!
--Allyson Lee, author of The Enhanced and Tides of Jupiter
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